Milk Tanker Load Out

The customer required an additional milk load out facility to be able to load out from any of four silos, to a dedicated tanker loading station within the existing loading bay. The system had to be integrated into the existing automation package and be installed and commissioned whilst maintaining full production schedules.

Stainless Designs designed and installed a new tanker swing arm within the tanker bay, with consultation from the operations and engineering personnel. A new flowplate was installed in the milk room to direct Milk/CIP solution to the load out line.

The system was integrated onto the existing SCADA package with provision for the operator to input the amount of milk required for load out. This was checked via a flowmeter on the line.

The main challenge for this project was completing the installation and commissioning periods whilst maintaining full production requirements. Through pre-fabricating as much as possible in our workshop, and a flexible on-site installation team, we were successful in completing this project with minimal disruptions.