Cooker Tanks & CIP Set

Stainless Designs was recently engaged by a customer establishing a new facility for dairy based dessert products. Stainless Designs were tasked with mechanically designing, fabricating and installing:

– Three 750L cooker tanks
– Access Platform to the tanks
– Associated valve manifolds

In addition, Stainless Designs were contracted to supply a CIP set for cleaning the equipment. This involved the full process design including:

– Tank, pump and heat exchanger sizing
– Equipment specification
– Full process descriptions and assistance to the automation engineer
– Mechanical design of the system
– Fabrication
– Installation & Commissioning

All the equipment was designed using our 3D AutoCAD software, including all interconnecting pipework between the equipment so this could be fabricated within our workshop in Pakenham Victoria. This allowed for a much quicker installation time on site. Once completed and inspected, all equipment was transported interstate for installation. A crew from the Stainless Designs installation team accompanied the equipment and were on hand to complete the offloading, positioning and installation of the equipment.

This greenfields project was exciting for Stainless Designs, and working with a client remotely was a new challenge, however the end result as successful one for all involved.