Brownfields Installation Specialists

Stainless Designs were engaged to complete a significant upgrade to an existing milk treatment plant. The factory was undergoing a significant expansion of its operations and SD was given the task to increase capacity in the milk treatment plant whilst maintaining plant operation until the maintenance shutdown window.

The project included the following key components of work:
  • Installation of a reconditioned whey clarifier to process milk;
  • Installation of a reconditioned whey separator to process milk;
  • Upgrades to cream handling systems;
  • Upgrades to services reticulation in the building;
  • Additional CIP supply and return circuits including a new CIP forward line from the existing CIP set;
  • Reconfiguration of two milk pasteurizers to increase processing capacity.
Challenges in the project included:
  • A tight time frame for the work;
  • Work had to be completed under hygiene conditions as the plant was still in operation.

Stainless designs managed change control effectively and exceeded the client’s expectations by improving access to equipment for both maintenance and operational fault finding.

Throughout the project, Stainless Designs maintained a high level of communication amongst all stakeholders which aided in delivering a successful project which met all of the client’s expectations.